Edumine Collaborations

Edumine collaborates with other course providers on a broad range of mine training applications to greatly increase its ability to address training requirements across the board in mining.

Edumine and HumEng International Inc.

Edumine is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with HumEng International Inc. of Quebec, Canada. HumEng provides online courses and assessments for mechanical and electrical maintenance and condition monitoring in mining. The HumEng mission is to design, develop and implement training solutions that increase operational efficiency and productivity, and to sustain these improvements through training best practices. Learn more

Edumine and VISTA Training

Edumine is also pleased to announce that it is collaborating with VISTA Training, Inc. of Wisconsin, USA. VISTA provides training for mobile heavy equipment operation and mine safety topics. VISTA’s products and services possess considerable return on investment potential. They are recognized to yield financial benefits while also helping mine operations demonstrate a serious safety attitude to their employees, their insurance carrier and regulatory agencies such as MSHA and OSHA. Learn more

Edumine and Mining Safety and Learning Systems

Edumine has partnered with eLearning pioneer Murray Goldberg of Mining Safety and Learning Systems to create a one-stop, integrated, flexible solution for training requirements in the mining industry. Learn more