Edumine Frequently Asked Questions

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What is enrollment?

Enrollment gives you unrestricted access to all online courses for research and study. Click here for more information.

Why should I enroll?

Edumine's online courses are mining's largest research and study tool. With enrollment, users get access to all self-paced online courses, and an option to certify in relevant courses as recognized proof of learning achievements, to measure performance, and satisfy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

How do I enroll with Edumine?

Click here to enroll and select the right solution for you. We have solutions for individuals, groups, corporations, and educators.

What is the fee for Edumine enrollment?

Click here to view our current enrollment options.

Are there any special enrollment rates?

If you are an institutional member and think that you may qualify for a discounted member's rate, please contact us.

How does enrollment work for short courses and live webcasts?

For short courses and live webcasts, complimentary temporary enrollment access is included in the registration fee. Users with an annual enrollment get a 10% discount on short courses and live webcasts.



What is certification?

Certification is optional, and optimizes your learning experience by rigorous testing, in an extended multiple choice format. There is an additional fee when registering for certification. Click here for more information.

Why should I certify?

Certifications are used as recognized proof of learning achievements, to measure performance, to enhance resumes, and to satisfy Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

How do I register for certification?

On the course landing page, click the yellow GET CERTIFIED button. Complete the registration form and payment information.

Do I get a certificate if I take a short course or live webcast?

Yes, participants who attend the entire short course or live webcast receive a certificate of participation.



What is a campus?

An Edumine Campus is a unique way to offer employees an opportunity to enhance skillsets and improve efficiencies at work through self-paced online courses, including measuring the employees' course activities and performance. Campuses can be customized to meet your training needs. Contact us for more information.


Professional Development

What are CEUs and PDHs?

CEUs or PDHs (see below) provide formal recognition of your professional development. Click here for more information.

  • CEU is short for Continuing Education Unit. As an IACET Accredited Provider, Edumine offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard.
  • PDH is short for Professional Development Hour. One CEU is equivalent to 10 PDHs. PDHs are recognized as formal units of measurement for professional development by many worldwide professional organizations.

Access to Information

You may access your personal information, course and certification records in our databases at any time by signing in to your Edumine account, where you have access to your Student Records.

Does Edumine issue T2202A forms for Canadian income tax returns?

No. Edumine, a division of a private company, is not empowered by legislation to govern the mining industry; therefore, we are unable to issue T2202A forms.


Online Course Support

Browser Settings and Plug-Ins

Which browsers and plug-ins are required and where do I download them?

Edumine online courses and tools may be viewed in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. We recommended an upgrade to the latest browser versions. To ensure you are able to view all course material, you may require one or more of the following plug-ins that are free to download.

What browser settings are required to view an online course?

For the best viewing experience, the following settings must be enabled. These are typically under your browser's security and toolbar settings.

  • scripting enabled
  • pop-up windows allowed
  • cookies enabled
  • allow scripted windows to prompt for information enabled

Can I adjust the font size within the online courses?

Yes, you can adjust the font size within a course in your browser's settings.

Why does my browser's "Back" button work differently in the online courses?

Using your browser's "Back" button will typically take you back to the course introduction rather than the previous course session. Click the Map button to navigate through the course map. You can also navigate through the course by clicking the hyperlinked session titles at the top and bottom of the screen.

I am enrolled in Edumine. Why is access denied when I attempt to access a link?

Please ensure the following.

  • your browser service packs are up to date
  • the link you are attempting to access is included in your Edumine enrollment package
  • if you were subscribed to a different InfoMine product prior to enrolling in Edumine, please sign out and sign back in again

Troubleshooting: Problems Viewing an Online Course

Check your Browser Security Settings

Edumine online courses are designed to work with default security settings. Most problems are caused when cookies or scripting are restricted or disabled in browser settings. Adjust your browser settings to:

  • enable cookies, and
  • enable scripting.

Check your Firewall

If you have a firewall installed on your workstation or server, check that it does not prevent cookies, scripting, or pop-up windows. If you are on a corporate intranet then you may have to check firewall (and other) security restrictions with your systems manager. (Note: Windows XP has built-in firewall functionality that you may not be aware of. Ask your systems manager to adjust your firewall settings.)

Clear your Cache

If you conform to all of the above but still experience problems, clear your browser cache. You may need to refresh the page again or close and re-open your browser for the change to take effect.