Mission and Governance

The Edumine Review Board has an executive Committee comprised of five members, with a maximum of ten advisory members. The Review Boards function is to provide educational governance focused on quality and delivery of service within the context of the Edumine mission:

"To deliver accessible professional development, training and technology to the worldwide mining community at an affordable price, with emphasis on distance learning and collaboration with educational institutions and professional associations, to enrich the mining education and training experience."
  • The Executive Committee delegates Edumine management to apply the following cohesive policy to the quality of Edumine content and services, as well as provides guidance to Edumine management with respect to consistent implementation.
  • Prospective authors are required to submit a course outline, one page summary and resume for Review Board approval in advance of signing an author agreement with Edumine.

Edumine is committed to upholding the highest levels of quality regarding:

  • Topics
  • Content
  • Delivery
  • Record Keeping