Unit Conversion for the Geosciences



From Units:
(metric: centimetre per sec**2)

To Units:
(metric: centimetre per sec**2)


Format: Yes No
Decimals (max): < >
Exponent (base 10): < >
Select the appropriate Category of units and enter the Source value to be converted.

Select the units of the source value (From Units) and the required conversion units (To Units).

To format the result, set Format to "Yes" and adjust the Decimals and Exponent values as required. The exponent is applied prior to rounding of decimals. Trailing zero's are not displayed.

Conversion precision is 5 - 6 significant figures.

The above steps may be performed in any sequence.
If you cannot find the conversion category or unit(s) for your application, let us know by e-mail and we will add them to the conversion lists.

No warranties are made as to the accuracy of the conversions.